Understanding The Staffing Process

Many companies contract their hiring to an agency to help find the perfect fit. When a company is looking to hire, they contact Crossroads with the information they have available - this can (but doesn't always) include a detailed job description, pay rate, hours, start date and other job specifics. Crossroads takes it from there. We do all of the candidate sourcing by utilizing a number of channels - we start with our internal database of pre-existing candidates, and then look elsewhere to source new people. This is done by posting ads, networking, and taking advantage of a variety of other tools.

Recruiters contact the candidates with qualified resumes, and set them up with a pre-screen interview. During this interview, the recruiter will go over past employment, skills, and other relevant information with the candidate.

From there, the recruiter will select the most qualified candidates and send their resumes to the company, along with a cover letter outlining the pre-screen interview. The contact at the company will then review these applicants. These resumes may be passed to other people within an organization such as the HR Manager, or a Department Head. The employer then selects the candidates that they would like to interview.

The recruiter arranges the interviews between the candidate and the company, supplying all the necessary information (such as company name and contact information) to the applicant. The recruiter will get feedback from both the applicant and company on whether or not they are a fit for the position.

If the candidate is selected, the company may move forward with a 2nd interview or an offer. These are typically communicated to the candidate via the recruiter.

If the position is a temp-to-hire position, the candidate becomes an employee of both Crossroads Staffing and the company. Timecards and tax documents are turned in to Crossroads, and paychecks will be from Crossroads. However, this process is not unlike the typical probationary period with any company - barring unusual circumstances, positions that are advertised as temp-to-hire will result in a permanent hire by the company.

If the position is a direct hire position, the candidate is hired directly on to the payroll of the company, and the candidate is never an employee of Crossroads.

When the position is a temporary (or temp) position, the candidate becomes an employee of both Crossroads and the contracting company. The time period is pre-arranged (although this can be extended or shortened depending on the circumstances) and the employee begins work with the company.

Although the staffing process can be daunting at first, we invite you to utilize Crossroads as an excellent tool in your job-search. We have access to companies and jobs that you as an applicant may not have access to, and we can help with everything from getting your foot in the door to writing an excellent resume. Working with Crossroads does not imply an contractual relationship, and we do not charge our candidates for our service. If you have any further questions about how the staffing process or Crossroads works, please visit our FAQ section or contact your recruiter for more information.